God is doing a great work at Lakeside! We are continually looking to Jesus for the next steps at Lakeside and this coming Sunday is one of those steps.  We hope that you have had all of your questions about the candidate answered by now.  If you have not, please do reach out to the Elders.

As Sunday approaches, we do want to take the time to address a few items:

  • Please show up to vote!
  • Per our constitution, if a member goes 6 months without attending, then membership expires (unless there are special circumstances).  We have a list of active members (not-expired) and will be using this list to hand out ballots.
  • Link to our constitution – click here
  • Did we mention, please show up if you are a member?! If there is any reason you cannot be here for the vote and would like to talk to the Elders, please do!

Looking forward to seeing you there!