Local Missions & Church Plants

Maine Church Planting is a network of church planters, pastors and churches seeking to plant disciple-making churches all over the state of Maine. www.mainechurchplanting.com

Church Plants that LCC is currently sponsoring

  1. Cross Church Portland- Cross Church launched in January of 2014. Aaron Werner is the church planter and the church currently meets in auditorium at USM Portland Campus. http://www.crosschurchme.com
  2. Paupers Chapel Portland- Launched in May of 2014 and meets Sunday evenings in the North Deering Church building next to Deering High School. http://www.pauperschapel.com
  3. Redemption Hill Community Lewiston-Launched in 2013 and is pastored by Josh Cousineau http://www.rhcommunity.org
  4. Light Mission Church- Launched in the Fall of 2013 and meets in the North Deering Alliance church building and 1pm on Sundays. Meshak Kabwa is the pastor.
  5. Solid Rock Church has been meeting each Sunday morning at LIFE House on Lindsey St. in Rockland since July 2015. Currently they also have two Bible studies during the week and an active ministry to the Methodist Center Home and the Knox County Jail. Sam Bennett is Planter/Pastor www.facebook.com/HeistheSolidRock
  6. Windsor Christian Fellowship is a replant pastored by Brandon Dyer. http://www.windsorchristianfellowship.org
  7. The Hill- Meets at the Root Cellar Portland every other week and is consistently serving their neighbors on Munjoy Hill in Portland. Eric Wood is the church planter.
  8. Hope Church Saco- Planning on launching Easter 2016. Brandton Wood is the church planter and Justin Johnson is the church planting intern working with Brandton. http://www.hopechurchmaine.com
  9. Set Free Church Maine- Skowhegan – Michael O’Hara- Planter.  Scheduled to launch late 2015 or early 2016

The Pillar Network is a network of like-minded SBC Churches who choose to partner together in church planting. Leadership coaching, encouragement for pastors, and shared intern and residency programs are some of the benefits of this partnership. http://thepillarnetwork.com