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Posted By Pastor Don on Sep 14, 2015 | 0 comments

It has been two weeks since we introduced the Family Journal Page to our Kids 4 Christ ministry at Lakeside. On Sunday mornings we are excited to help teach the children who come to us about the truths in Scripture and we want to encourage you in your daily and weekly teaching of your children. Whether in the well-known story of creation or the lesser known prophesies of Obadiah; we are looking to explain the story, give the big picture, and point the kids to Jesus. This simple outline of what we are looking to communicate helps us when the craft doesn’t go as planned, or the snack is stale – we can get the main point across by repeating it in class. We hope to help you in the same way.

A little about the actual page. On the left you will see a blank section which can be used however you see fit. There is a clarification sentence at the top which should guide the conversation, but please remember that this is your time with your child. Some children may respond well by asking them to draw a picture of what comes to mind when you explain the story. You might write the story as they explain it to you. Re-write the story Mad Libs style and laugh as you switch details in the story. This paper is a tool to help you, not another distraction or item to add to your weekly list.

On the right of the paper you will find details about that specific week. The title and Bible passage will let you know where in the Bible they were learning about and give you an idea of where you are heading. The Big Picture Question is going to be the question repeated that week. This past week the question was: What is sin? This is a great opportunity to talk about sin with your children and remind them that even you sin, even giving examples. This can be an excellent time of family repentance. Show them what it means to turn back to God in repentance. You can talk about this question “as your rise, as you walk, as you lay down” etc Deut 6:7. Talk about it while brushing your teeth, eating dinner, driving to school or practice. The Farmer’s Almanac tells us that we are in for a bunch of snow so shoveling might be a great opportunity this winter to talk about it!

The Key Passage does not change every week but every few weeks. This verse brings some continuity to every few weeks of teachings and reminds us that the Bible is a collection of stories that tell a larger story. The story of Jesus.

Finally you will see the Christ Connection. This is the larger story. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is why we gather together in one place every Sunday morning. Jesus is the reason so many lives have changed all over the world and year after year for thousands of years. If there is one thing that we need to communicate to Children, it is Jesus. Work this into your conversations with your children as well as your thinking of Jesus.

I hope that you find these pages to be helpful as you lead your children. We know that we can never do what you as parents have been called to do, but we can help you as much as we can. Please know that you may have some idea of how we can help even more. Please let us know. Do we need to hold a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon class on a topic? Do we need to provide a resource list for parents to look through? Let us know. We’ll do what we can. God has blessed Lakeside with an abundance of children and as a result, feel the importance of this situation God has placed us in. Let us join you in the training up of your children.

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