Sunday in Review – February 8th

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Barry was back this week and started a new series in Ephesians: Click here to watch his sermon.

In case you missed it:

Giving Statements

Your giving statement is now up to date for 2014.  To get your giving receipt and statement, you must log into your Lakeside account at

If you have never logged in to your Lakeside account before, you will need to click on “I am new”.  You email address must be registered with Lakeside to use this service.

If you have used your Lakeside account before, click on “I have an account”, and input your user name or password. If you forgot your user name and password, click on the “Forgot Username and Password?” link

If you would like a paper copy of your statement, please contact our Treasurer Jeff at or call the church at 793-9300

Your gift to Lakeside Community Church may be tax deductible.  Please check with your tax advisor for details. You did not receive any goods or services in connection with these contributions other than intangible religious benefits.


******** Very Important information – please read *************

If you wish to request a correction or clarification of your giving summary, please contact our treasurer Jeff Sanborn at or call the church at 793-9300.  In order for any correction to be made, a copy of the check must be provided.  No corrections can be made without this documentation.


Thank you for supporting Lakeside!

Click Here to download this week’s Ship to Shore

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