Lakeside Links January 28th

Posted By Pastor Don on Jan 28, 2015 | 0 comments

If you are in your 70s, things like this might seem crazy. If you are in your 30s, this is something we have all been waiting for. For those who like physical book and for those that prefer electronic versions, the future is now. Here is an interesting article about a possible look into the future of Bible study. I can imagine this won’t be affordable in my lifetime but we’ve seen crazier things. Click here for a look into the present future of Bible study.


As a follow up to that post, here is one that speak of the future of the Word of God. This is truly an opportunity to witness the transition from the Good Book to the Good App. Challies makes a good point here that at one point it was the Good Scroll and the Good Codex before it was called the Good Book. Are we willing to let our ideas of what the Word of God is called and how it is used? Click here for a good reminder of not putting faith in the medium but the message.


But God. One of, if not THE most, amazing phrases ever spoken. Jon Bloom provides us with a look into these two words and the Gospel that drips from them. But God is great news. But God is Holiness reaching to unholiness. Click here for the great news of But God.

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