Lakeside Links – December 31st

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full_don-t-get-too-familiar-with-the-bible Beware the deceptive wiles of familiarity — that sweet but double-edged virtue that makes you feel at home in the word of God. Familiarity of the tender variety persists in reminding you of the gospel and deepening your communion with Christ. But if you’re not careful, cold-hearted familiarity will betray you with kisses, poison your wineglass, and watch impassively while your life slips steadily away. You might not even realize it’s happening. Peter Krol gives us an exhortation to look again at the Bible. “Familiarity looks away from the Book; curiosity looks towards it.” Is how he sums it up. Click here for a hearty reminder that God can and will speak to us in new ways as we read His Word. Let us protect our hearts from too much familiarity.
Tis the season to think about next season. Tim Challies gives us a good round up of some resources to use when looking for a Bible reading plan. Click here for the list of resources that can help you find the perfect fit. If you are still having a hard time finding one, let me know and I will see if I can find one that will work. shutterstock_170823470
full_a-dream-come-true-in-corporate-worship Something remarkable, even unimaginable will take place when you gather with God’s people this weekend. Most of us have lost our sense of wonder and awe with what’s happening, but it’s a phenomenon worth rehearsing. God has transformed helpless, hardened sinners into joyful, outspoken worshippers. Marshall Segal gives us a picture of Zephaniah that is a great reminder for us as we head into the new year. We should be preparing ourselves for the coming year for what God has for us. We need to pray that our praise is not poisoned as this post explains. Click here for an article that can help us re-center our lives in 2015.


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