Lakeside Links – December 10th

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This weeks links are brought to you by three french hens:


smiling funny little girl in christmas Santa red hat, isolated on black
Christina Fox clearly lays out for us a few important truths that we need to teach our kids at Christmas. Number 2 was especially poignant for me as I look to both participate in some of the extravagance of the season while trying to protect my and my family’s heart against making Christmas picture-perfect as the author says. Click here to read how Christmas can “provide a wonderful opportunity to our the truths of the Gospel into the hearts of our children.”
Patti Richter provides an excellent story of the work in Nepal. “Nepal is the size of Arkansas but with 10 times the population.” The article begins with a picture of light vs darkness which fits nicely with our recent sermon series on God as the True Light. This is a story about how light is overtaking darkness as we know that darkness can never win against light. Click here to read he entire article and tell us what you think. Nepal_dispatches_Oct_28
tim-challies John Owen is quoted as saying, “We can leave sin alone when sin leaves us alone, and that will not be until we are one the far side of the grave.” Tim Challies lays out four distinct seasons of life when we will need to be extra vigilant when facing temptation. I know that more than one of the items on this list can come at once in my life, in fact I am feeling a sense of ‘spiritual bliss’ with the Advent/Christmas season upon us. Click here to read of the four that Tim lays out. Are there more that you would add to this list?


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