Sabbatical for Pastor Barry

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sabbatical – noun: a period of time during which someone does not work at his or her regular job and is able to rest, travel, do research, etc.

At the recent annual meeting of Lakeside Community Church we announced the upcoming sabbatical for our lead pastor Barry Murry. We want to take this opportunity to remind ya’ll (see what I did there) what this means for our body. For over a year now Barry has been working two jobs as both the lead pastor and church planting catalyst for the North American Mission Board. Bi-vocational ministry is a very hard calling in which Barry has had limited time to devote to his doctoral studies. We have encouraged Barry to continue with these studies but as time goes on, he heart is clearly for the people at LCC and his school work is placed on the back burner. We as an elder board would like to step in and support freeing up the front burner for him during this time. We are all excited at both the opportunity for Barry to earn his doctorate as well as the opportunity to live out the Biblical structure of the church where one man is NOT the head of the church other than Christ.

Some of the questions that we have heard we would like to address here but if there are any others, please email OR contact your elder directly.

  1. Will we see him at all? – Yes, Barry will continue to be here on Sunday mornings to worship with his family.
  2. Will he still be an elder? – Yes, Barry will continue to be an elder however he not be attending the meetings or included in all but the most serious issues that may arise.
  3. Will he continue to preach? – Yes/No. From 12/07/2014 to 02/02/2015 the elders will take all the preaching except for one Sunday. Barry will preach on 1/4/15 so that as he says, “I won’t go crazy.”
  4. Does this mean he is getting ready to leave? – No. Barry has the equivalent of a kitchen floor that needs to be replaced. Eventually he needs to take a few days off to just ‘get it done’ so it is off his plate. This is a way to lighten his load long term. This is not his way to leave LCC.

Once again we remind you that if you have an issue or question about how anything works, please contact either your elder or any elder at all. If you are not aware of who your elder is please email and I can get that information to you.

We look forward to shepherding you all (sorry I can’t do it twice) through this time of renewal for Barry and his family.


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