Lakeside Links – November 5th

Posted By Pastor Don on Nov 5, 2014 | 0 comments

Every week we will provide a few articles and posts that we hope encourages you and/or gives you resources to live purposefully as Jesus has called you. We also desire a conversation about what these links mean to you. While our goal is never to divide, we may occasionally put out a topic specifically for discussion.

Cultural-trends-biker-portland-oregon CLICK HERE for an article that discusses 12 cultural trends that are happening in our society. I am interested to hear whether you feel that these are applicable to Southern/Rural Maine or is there a regionalism to these that would make some of these ideas not apply? I have my ideas but I welcome yours.
141020Glorify CLICK HERE for an article by @toshowthemjesus speaking to our desire to move to the next thing. There is an active nature to waiting that we need to remember.
 0e3547499_1408137072_0e35283651407609347blog-our-children-our-neighbors CLICK HERE for an article that explains that children are people. Is this news to you? We may agree with the statement but do we follow the thought to the end? This is a great post that brings out some Scripture on parenting that might not be what you would immediately think of. I hope in encourages you as it did me.


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