Update on Pastor Don’s Role

Dear Lakeside Church,

One of the items that was brought up in the process of meeting with Tom Thompson is some confusion as to what Don Coldwell’s role is currently, and as a result, what it will be in the future through this planning process. We want to clarify some things about his role as a staff pastor at Lakeside and share with you our thoughts on the future.

When Donnie first started with Lakeside it was in an administrative role doing many of the things that needed to be done during the week. Overseeing the admin email address, checking voicemail, overseeing the facebook page, calling visitors, setting up membership and baptism classes etc. These were thing tasks that he was keeping busy with on a weekly basis.

In the following months a need arose to lead the Children’s Ministry again and it was clear that due to the large number of children from Birth to 6th grade, it was a good idea for him to step over and lead this ministry. Due to the amount of time it takes to lead this ministry we decided to adjust the job description for his role and this was communicated at the last annual meeting. The adjusted job description was handed out to all who attended this meeting.

It is clear that this information has not moved through the body as fast as other information sometimes does so we want to take a moment to post the job description and describe a bit about what we are asking him to do for the body here at Lakeside.

At this point, the things that are not able to be done on a regular basis are many of the things that we are looking to hire the lead pastor and administrative assistant for. Calling visitors, checking the email throughout the day, responding to communication cards etc. These have fallen to secondary tasks as Children’s Ministry continues to grow.

Please take a look at the attached job description for the current role of Associate Pastor to see an overview of what we are asking him to do. (Click Here to view job description.)

It is our understanding that based on this document, that his position as a staff member of Lakeside will not change as we bring on a full time pastor and administrative assistant as this should actually free him up to do more with the Children’s Ministry.

Please know that June 15th will also be a good time to ask more questions as we are opening up the entire elders meeting to allow folks to come and speak and ask questions that may have come to your mind after the Vision Meeting. As always you can send an email to the elders using elders@lcctoday.org or individually if you would prefer.

You are loved,

The Elders of Lakeside Community Church

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