Prayer Guide Day One

The Right Place to Start – Luke 11:1

The shelves of Bible bookstores are packed with books on prayer, with a lot of great insights, written by a lot of great authors. But none of those authors can teach us to pray like Jesus.

The Disciples often stuck their foot in their mouth, but they got it right this time. They saw Jesus pray often. I can’t help but believe that they said to them selves, “Wow, if He needs to pray, we need to pray.” They knew that John was teaching his Disciples to pray.

Do you struggle to pray? Do you get overwhelmed with your needs, or the needs of others? Does your theology (what you believe about God) get in the way when you pray? Don’t feel alone. Join the Disciples and everyone else:

  1. See your need to pray – If Jesus needed to pray, you probably do too
  2. Confess (tell Jesus) what you struggle with in prayer
  3. Ask Jesus to teach you how to pray

Don’t be like Adam, “God this woman (or man) you gave me….”, but be specific. “God I’m really concerned about , but I don’t even know what to pray.” Then wait, listen and believe. When the Spirit leads . . . follow.

When you finish praying write down here what the Lord is teaching you:

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