There Is Nothing Good On The Internet Today

Every week I watch for articles that can be helpful or encouraging to the people at Lakeside. Sometimes they might help in a specific area or sometimes they may simply give us something to think about. This week, I don’t have either one. You see, there was nothing good on the internet today.
My parents were early adopters of cable TV. This means that I had 32 channels (minus 1, 9, 15, 17, and cspan) to choose from. I quickly learned that I could spend a half hour trying to find something to watch with all those choices. Lots of choices – less to watch. This is what I felt like today. Article after article I read through but nothing looked good.

There is so much out there that I wonder if we are losing the ability to know what is good any longer. Whatever our opinion on whatever topic is enraging us at that time, has a page dedicated to it. Probably 100. So we end up reading more and more that agrees with what we already think and make anything else look horrible. Instead of having to watch three channels and sifting through, I could watch Nickelodeon (channel 28 at the time) and simply watch what entertained me.

Think before you click, but also think AFTER you click. Are you simply eating the same thing you have eaten every day for the past year? Something to think about.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go see if Trading Places is showing on the USA network (channel 30).

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