A Message from Nathan

Dear Lakeside Body,

I want to share with you today where I believe God is directing me to serve at Lakeside. As things have changed in my life over the past few years, I have felt an increasing tugging from the Lord to seek Him and find direction from Him regarding my role at Lakeside. During the past several months I have found myself in prayer, specifically seeking the Lord’s wisdom and looking for direction and confirmation as to what he was trying to tell me.

Last month, God revealed Himself in a clear way. On my way home one day from church, I was praying and asking God to speak to me about whether I should continue to serve as an elder or whether He had another plan. I didn’t hear anything specific at that point, but after a series of conversations with many people I love, I began to hear from God in a very clear way.

I shared my thoughts with Angela and to my relief, Angela joyfully confirmed what I thought I had heard from God. As it turns out, Angela was also feeling the same things.

As a result, I believe it is time for me to step down as an elder and refocus my time on working with youth. You all know my heart for them, to disciple them, and help them serve. Serving as an elder does not afford me the focus, or time, to devote to this area of ministry.

Also, you know my heart for missions – and while all age groups serve on the mission field, I find that I am most effective when specifically training youth to serve on the mission field. To disciple them in the these things is a long time desire of my heart that started at an early age.

In order to prepare my heart and my family for this transition, I am going to step down as an elder effective immediately, and my plan would be to start working with FourTwelve youth group this coming fall. I have had a great conversation with Nick Harpin. My role will be to help him, however needed, and provide support for him in this role here at Lakeside.

God is working at Lakeside. And I am 100% behind the elders and their vision for Lakeside. While this changes my role as an elder at Lakeside, I am still a part of this body, and am here to worship with you. Let us look forward together at what the Lord has planned. Be prepared to hear from him and obey.

Thank you,
Nathan Milkins

One thought on “A Message from Nathan

  1. Jeff Sanborn says:

    Nate, I also believe this is a very good decision. Youth ministry is your calling for sure. Reconnecting will be vastly beneficial for Lakeside youth as well as being a mentor for youth leaders. Thanks for all you do! Jeff

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