Snow Day Slowdown

As Neptune creeps closer and closer to Southern Maine I want to invite you to slowdown. Many times our frustration with winter storms is primarily due to their ability to throw our plans out the door. Blizzard warnings and level 2 hurricane force winds tend to put a cramp in our style when it comes to our weekends. Too often, instead of slowing down and taking the rest, we fester and think of all the things we SHOULD be doing.

Stop it.

God is not surprised that it is snowing in Maine and neither should you. We worship a God that is here now and will be here tomorrow when we are sitting at home. Praise His name that we don’t serve an ambulance God. God does not drive up to a scene after the fact and try and put the pieces back together. He is here. Let us rest in Him.

I implore you to read your Bible everyday but especially tomorrow (2-15-15). Read of His promises to care for you, to never leave you, to never forsake you. Thank Him for being a God that knows every hair on your head. Thank Him for being the God who has brought you to where you are. Look back – where would you be without Him? Take this time to remember four things about God. If you have a family, lead them in this. If you are a new Christian and don’t know what to say – pray that God would help you. If you are without your family then focus on the attributes of God in your life specifically.

Read and pray through these four truths:

  • God is Great – so we don’t have to be in control : Psalm 27
  • God is Glorious – so we don’t have to fear others : Psalm 31
  • God is Good – so we don’t have to look elsewhere : Psalm 34
  • God is Gracious – so we don’t have to prove ourselves : Psalm 103

 Worship God – Love People – Live the Word

Look for ways to love people tomorrow. Look out for your neighbors. Think of those that might need help. Do you have time to take a meal to a family for tomorrow? Do you have the opportunity to run to the store today for someone who can’t? Love people and as a result you will be Worshiping God by Living the Word.


You are loved,

Pastor Don

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