Lakeside Links – January 21

When Books Taste Like Vegetables – This attention grabbing title from TGC speaks to an issue I am sure many people deal with. While some people love to read and could sit all day and devour book upon book, there are some who could find many things that they would rather be doing. This of course can clash with our desire to read our Bible and/or devotional material. Click here for a short post with a video that deals with the issue of books tasting like vegetables.

Staying on the topic of reading is a post that reminds us of Acts 17:10-11 and how that truth should impact the way we read/listen in our daily lives. Blog posts, podcasts, magazines, and other forms of communication come from every angle. Are we noble like the Bereans? Do we read everything with care? Do we simply re-post and share based on where it came from rather than reading it and discerning whether it is fruitful? Click here for a good over view of what it means to be like the Bereans in today’s society.

Here is an interesting post on the Christian Calendar. Something that I have heard multiple times in referenced in this post. “The American Church is very susceptible to fads. We get caught up in whatever the latest thing is and end up revolving our programs around it. By staying connected to the Christian Calendar you can guard against the susceptibility of being caught up in a fad.” Click here for a very basic post on the Christian calendar. Let me know your thoughts.

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