Lakeside Links for January 14th

John Knox turns 500 this year. In the little market town of Haddington, Scotland, down the street from St. Mary’s Church, Knox was born. Here we have a great read about John Knox with some resources at the end to learn more about this giant in Christian history. Click here for an interesting post on a leader in protestant thinking.

No matter where you live, small groups tend to have the same dynamics. There are some that fit certain molds and some that break all the molds. One topic of discussion that always seems to pop up is prayer. The ability to create an atmosphere of prayer in your group can be challenging. Click here for a great post regarding how to deepen the prayer life of your small group.

Have you ever visited a fishing club? Ever talked to a fisherman who is passionate about his sport? Ever met a fisherman that didn’t fish? J.D. Greear gives us a great illustration of what it does and does not mean to be fishers of men. Click here for a quick read that is both humorous and convicting.

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