Lakeside Link January 7th

England seen from above the clouds Have you ever worried that you might grow bored in heaven, that things may lose their luster or taste, that the whole novelty and intrigue of heaven might fade as do most things on earth? When you sing, “When we’ve been there ten thousand years . . . we’ve no less days to sing his praise than when we’d first begun,” do you wonder whether or not to be encouraged by such a statement? Dave Radford give us a glimpse into the error of thinking that Heaven will be a boring time of forever sitting on a cloud. Click here for three reasons you should look forward to heaven.
Attraction. Dating. Engagement. Marriage. Sex. Open a magazine, browse a bookshelf, turn on the TV, or eavesdrop on a conversation and you’ll encounter one of these issues in no time. As human beings crafted in God’s likeness and wired to love, our obsession with such things is obvious. It’s also unavoidable. Matt Chandler has written a book that will encourage many of us. This post is in Q&A format in regards to this book. Click here for the interview and a link to the book. matt-smethurst
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.58.04 AM 92% of the latest Congress are self-identified Christians. This post made we wonder why we put so much faith into elected officials. We post opinions on facebook and share links that speak of needing to get ‘the right people into office.’ ‘People that believe the Word of God.’ Well, what do we do in four years when nothing is better? I hope that as a church Lakeside does the same thing today that they should do in four years. Look to Jesus as their salvation not government. Click here to read the article that details some of these statistics.

Bonus Link: Tim Challies has found multiple links in his latest post. The beginning of the post is what caught my eye. Great deals on kindle books from amazon. Remember you do not need a kindle – you can download the app or program onto your mobile device or computer to read kindle books. Click here for the post and the list of books.

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