Lakeside Links – December 24th

hurts For me, my hometown mostly feels like a place I’m supposed to call home that, simply put: isn’t home anymore. Many of us are heading home or are already there this week. Many feelings can come over us as we see old friends that aren’t really friends any longer, new places to eat, new inside jokes that you aren’t included in. It can/should cause to realize that you have changed but have you changed as God would want? Click here for a close look at many things we can experience at this time of the year specifically and ask yourself, are you growing in a way as god would be honored or simply moving away from your past?
Your Christmases may have been hang-loose back in the B.C. years — before children. You were thankful for Jesus, but you didn’t give much thought to how the event was observed. There is so much to think about as we prepare to celebrate. Many of the stressful gatherings may have already happened for you or some are coming up – either way there is some wisdom here. Click here for a look at how to prayerfully keep your family’s focus on Christ this Christmas even when Grandpa and Grandma don’t think your way. full_when-grandma-and-grandpa-don-t-celebrate-like-we-do
A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas-image Under falling snow, Charlie Brown is searching. For meaning, for escape from materialism, for Christmas. He confides in his pal Linus that even with Christmas on its way with gifts and cheer, he still feels melancholy. Here is an interesting read that walks through A Charlie Brown Christmas in a way you may not have seen before. Pulling meaning out of the seemingly child-focused movie, the author states some clear truths pulled from this movie which are applicable to us. Click here for a short re-telling of the familiar story with some truths to chew on.


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