Lakeside Links – November 19th

This weeks links arrived by UPS overnight delivery – we love logistics too!

shutterstock_74376514-2 Tim Challies has given us a great tool for those sins in our lives which seem to hang on for dear life. The Battle Plan is a downloadable and reproducible tool to use as you see fit. I pray that this would help people in our body. Use this in your DNA group. Wait what? You aren’t in a DNA group? Let us know and we can help. Click here to check out what he has to say and to download a copy of this valuable tool.
Jon Bloom points out the many different mirrors in our lives that reflect what we either want to see or in this case, do not want to see. A quick review of Narcissus begins a post on how we must find our enchantment in God and not in others. Click here to see how Jon uses the metaphor of a mirror to explain our sin. full_beware-the-mirrors
pn.category.ministry.2x1 Finally, we have a post from Perry Noble reminding mothers that they are not forgotten and that there is a certain and specific kind of grace for you. Click here for a chance to be encouraged and blessed by his words.

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