Lakeside Links – November 12th

This week’s links are brought to you by the letter “J” and the number “12”…

ordinaryhorton-270x250 Michel Horton provides us with another book that points us to the Gospel as the answer. Although the cover of this book is orange, this book is not a response to Radical by David Platt. Michael gives us a written account of the current trend towards the extraordinary. Life is lived out however, in the ordinary. How can we best live for Christ in the day to day movements of our schedule/habits/lives? Click here to read about this new book titled Ordinary: Sustainable faith in a radical, restless world.
 Series-Site-Thumb SOMA is a great resource for learning how to live on mission where you are. While it isn’t rocket science as this post states, it is hard at times. There are many opportunities but we tend to see them through our own eyes instead of God’s eyes. Click here to find a list of videos aimed to strengthen your ability to live in mission.
 Chaplain-praying-in-the-field Here is a solid post that is timely with Veteran’s Day so recent. Military chaplains are “an oft overlooked group of veterans” as we watch parades. Many times we know about them, but don’t realize the tight rope they must constantly walk as government employees and preachers of the Word. Click here to read 9 things you should know about military chaplains.
 Praying-Scriptures-of-Thanksgiving-Graphic--536x480 BONUS LINK – Here is a free one for you. Click here for a free printable prayer guide for Thanksgiving. It walks through November giving us Scriptures to pray through as we give thanks. Even though November is more than a 3rd over ( Christmas is 42 days away *cough* ) you can still catch up easily if you desire as the daily readings are short. Also please remember, this is for your walk with Christ not a grade. Let us never get caught up in whether we ‘miss a day’ of reading. We GET to read the Bible NOT HAVE TO.


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