Current Sermon Series

The word “advent” comes from a latin word that means “coming” or “arrival.” Advent is a season celebrated by the church throughout the years on the four Sundays prior to Christmas. This year we are going to focus on the idea of “Anticipation”  We will look back at the people of God as they anticipated the coming of the “Savior” as well as the joy that the coming of Jesus brought to those who were anticipating his coming.  Then after Christmas we will consider the future and our own longing for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ that will ultimately result in the restoration of heaven and earth where God will make all things new.  This is a joyous time for us as a Church so please join us this Advent as we celebrate the coming of the glorious Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Here is the calendar for our “Anticipation” message series.


December 9th  @ 10 am- The Messiah is Coming- Micah 5:1-6

December 16th @ 10 am-Â Getting Closer- Luke 1:26-56

December 23rd @ 10 am-Â Finally- Luke 2:22-38

December 24th (Christmas Eve)Â @ 5 PM -The Good News of Christmas-Luke 2:10, John 3:16 &1 John 4:10

December 30th @ 10 AM Living in Anticipation of Christ’s Return-2 Peter 3:11-18